How To Make Transparent Background In Procreate – A Comprehensive & Detailed Guide

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Procreate is the app to turn to if you want to make digital art with professional polish. It allows you to make transparent backgrounds – making your artwork stand out! We’ll explore the different techniques to make transparent backgrounds in Procreate.

First, open Procreate and create a new canvas. Tap on the layers icon and select the layer you want to make transparent. Swipe left and reduce the opacity – the background will disappear, leaving just your artwork!

Another way to make a transparent background is to use masks. Select the layer and tap the ‘Mask’ button in the layers panel. Choose ‘Add Mask’ and then use brushes or selection tools. Remember: black conceals, white reveals.

Using these methods, you’ll have no worries when combining your artwork with other designs or platforms. Now you can make digital art and pretend you have real artistic talent!

Overview of Procreate

Ready to get creative? Procreate is a dream app for digital artists! It has an intuitive interface, so it’s easy for both beginners and pros. Plus, it comes with a wide range of brushes and layering capabilities. You can also use advanced tools like blend modes, masks, and transform options.

Export your artwork with high-res and without quality loss. Plus, customizable palettes and color harmony options are available. Oh, did you know? Apple named Procreate ‘Best iPad App of the Year’. It’s no wonder why it’s so popular worldwide! Unlock your artistic potential on the digital canvas, no invisible paint required.

Step 1: Opening a new canvas in Procreate

Open a new canvas in Procreate and create a masterpiece! Here’s how:

  1. Launch the app and tap on the ‘+’ symbol on the top right corner.
  2. A window will appear with options to customize your canvas. Select the size you want, either from the pre-set options or manually inputting the dimensions. Pick the DPI for the resolution. Tap “Create” when you’re finished.
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Plus, Procreate offers more features like choosing a custom background color or importing an image. These will help you make stunning artwork.

To get the best out of Procreate:

  • Try different sizes and resolutions.
  • Use reference images for inspiration by importing them into your canvas.
  • Utilise layering for more flexibility in your artwork.

Use these tips and you’ll be able to unleash Procreate’s full potential. Create amazing works of art easily and precisely. Enjoy!

Step 2: Selecting the desired elements

Discover how to choose the elements you want to stay visible in Procreate, without a background. Follow these 4 steps:

  1. Open your artwork in Procreate and make sure you’re on the right layer.
  2. Tap the ‘Selection’ tool at the top menu bar. It looks like a dashed square.
  3. Using your stylus or finger, trace around the element you wish to select. Zoom and pan if you need more precision.
  4. Lift your stylus or finger off the screen and watch Procreate select your element.

You can also try other selection options like freehand or shapes like rectangles and ellipses.

Transparent backgrounds have been used in digital art for ages. Graphic designers and web developers use them to integrate their work with different mediums without blocking the view. Mastering this Procreate technique means you join a long line of creative minds who use transparency to improve their art. Make your background vanish like a magician’s assistant with Procreate transparency, and your artwork floats in the world of endless possibilities.

Step 3: Applying the transparency effect

To get transparency in Procreate, just follow three easy steps:

  1. Step 1: Select the layer.
  2. Step 2: Tap the layer options and choose “Alpha Lock”.
  3. Step 3: Adjust the opacity slider to your desired level.

Alpha Lock ensures your chosen layer stays transparent without affecting the other layers. So, you have full control over the look of your artwork.

Plus, if you want more accuracy, adjust the opacity slider gradually. And, for an even better effect, use custom brushes and blending modes. To create a soft fade-out, use airbrush or watercolor brushes with low pressure settings. You’ll get depth and a smooth transition between opaque and transparent areas.

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There you go – transparency made simple in Procreate! Just remember, if you’re trying to hide from your ex, you’re on your own.

Step 4: Refining the transparency

For perfect transparency, 5 steps are key:

  1. Select the layer in the layers panel.
  2. Go to Adjustments and choose “Alpha Lock”.
  3. Paint over areas with Brush tool. Change opacity and size to adjust transparency.
  4. For precise changes, use the Eraser tool with varying opacity levels.
  5. Once done, export artwork as a PNG to save the transparency.

To be extra creative, Procreate has Gaussian Blur and Motion Blur tools to refine transparency.

I had a client needing their logo with transparent background. By following the tips, I was able to give them a logo that blended into any background. To keep it hidden, I used the PNG format.

Step 5: Saving the transparent image

Want to save your masterpiece in Procreate with a transparent background? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Export your artwork: Tap the wrench icon in the top left corner. Scroll down and select ‘Share’. Choose your file format – JPEG or PNG.
  2. Transparent background: Select PNG to keep your transparency.
  3. Save & share: Tap on ‘Save Image’ or choose an app or location to share your work. Make sure it supports transparency to maintain the background.

Keep in mind – a transparent background is vital for applications like graphic design, websites, or overlaying on other images. Don’t forget this step and stand out from the crowd! Create clear art in Procreate – the possibilities with a blank canvas are endless!


Making a transparent background in Procreate can seem hard at first, but with the right tools and tricks it can be simple. We have discussed different methods and tips to do this.

Having the skill to make transparent backgrounds is useful for any digital artist. It gives you the freedom to make beautiful illustrations, lettering, and digital paintings. To up your artwork, you can try using different blending modes and layer masks. These will make your art stand out!

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For a better workflow, use alpha lock. It lets you paint inside a layer without destroying its transparency. Additionally, reference layers let you make temporary guides without changing the transparency of the final image. Plus, Procreate offers a wide range of brushes with adjustable settings. Play around with them to get the effect you want.

Practice regularly and push yourself creatively. With these suggestions, you can take full advantage of Procreate’s abilities for transparent backgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Can I create a transparent background in Procreate?

Yes, you can create a transparent background in Procreate by following a few simple steps. Read the guide below for a comprehensive walkthrough.

2: How do I make the background transparent in Procreate?

To make the background transparent in Procreate, tap the wrench icon at the top of the interface to open the Actions menu. Select 'Canvas' and toggle on the 'Transparent Background' option. This will make the background transparent for your artwork.

3: Can I adjust the transparency level in Procreate?

Yes, you can adjust the transparency level in Procreate. After making the background transparent, you can use the Layers menu to adjust the opacity of individual layers or the overall opacity of your artwork.

4: Can I export my artwork with a transparent background from Procreate?

Absolutely! Procreate allows you to export your artwork with a transparent background. Simply select the desired format (e.g., PNG) when exporting your file, and make sure the 'Transparency' option is enabled.

5: Will the transparency be preserved if I import my Procreate artwork into another app?

In most cases, yes. Procreate preserves transparency when exporting artwork, so if you import your transparent artwork into another compatible application, the transparency should be maintained.

6: Are there any limitations to creating transparent backgrounds in Procreate?

While Procreate provides a straightforward way to create transparent backgrounds, it's important to note that not all features and effects are compatible with transparency. Some effects may fill in the background, so it's advisable to experiment and test your artwork before finalizing it.

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